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Got Your Schengen Visa Rejected, Denied or Refused and do not know what to do next? Please do not worry – Our Schengen Visa Appeal experts know what to do and How to do it.

My Schengen visa was denied, what do I do?

Well, you can always reapply to the same Schengen country or a different one. However it will not matter much because the information regarding your  Schengen visa application is accessible to all the Schengen countries. Except if you find out and fix the problems with your Schengen Visa Application or even with yourself  you will continue to get denied or refused by  the Schengen countries .

Then, there is also that option of lodging a Schengen appeal. The procedure varies depending on the Schengen country.

The right of appeal against the refusal of a Schengen visa is provided by law. Article 32(3) of the Schengen Visa Code.

If you have been refused a Schengen visa, you shall have the right to appeal. You should conduct your appeal against the Schengen Member State that took the final decision on the application. 

Why lodging an  appeal instead of applying again and again.

  1. In lodging a Schengen appeal the you had in fact reopened your Schengen visa application process which will be analyzed by a superior officer.
  2. Going for an appeal process you will have the chance to find out the mistakes and get them fixed, avoiding the accumulation of Schengen refusals. The accumalation of many Schengen visa denails may influence another Schengen state member to deny your Schengen visa application. 
  3. If your appeal succeeds,  the refusal issued which remains in Schengen data base will be lifted and instead replaced by granted, increasing the chances of getting your Schengen visa applications granted in the future.

The next question is, how to write a Schengen Visa appeal that works?

Here we are with our Schengen appeal experts to advise you on what to do next.

Visa Appeal Process

Our Schengen visa appeal process is divided into two steps, namely;

  1. Analysis of your Schengen refusal letter and the application you submitted.

The refusal letter of the Schengen countries comprises two pages.

Based on the yourt two pages’ Schengen refusal letter and additional documents our Schengen appeal team will analyze the probability of success of your  appeal to be lodged in.

Depending on the analysis of our Schengen appeal experts you will be advised to proceed or not with the Schengen Visa appeal.

The Schengen visa appeal analysis attracts a fee of 50 Euros or equivalent depending on the currency of country you reside.

  1. Writing and lodging of the Schengen appeal.

If you are advised to proceed with the Schengen appeal process, a set of necessary documents will be requested in order to proceed with the writing and lodging of the Schengen Visa Appeal Letter.

Regarding the writing and lodging of the Schengen Visa appeal letter, it attracts a fee of 100 Euros or equivalent depending on the currency of country you reside.

How does Schengen appeal work?

If you received a Schengen refusal letter to your visa application  and feels that the denial or refusal was an error an act of injustice, you can decide to go for the Schengen visa appeal in order to correct the error or the injustice.

Our Schengen visa appeal experts can help you to write an appeal. Please follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Fill the Schengen Appeal Application form bellow.
  2. Upload the two pages of the Schengen refusal letter received
  3. Make the payment of the Schengen analysis fee of 25 Euros or equivalent depending on your country of residence.
  4. Submit.

After the analysis of the process which takes 48h to be done you will be informed via email about the conclusions of our Schengen visa appeal team.

if you are advised to proceed with the Schengen visa appeal process, additional documents will be requested to you via email in order to proceed with the visa appeal process.

Alongside with the request of additional documents, a link for the payment of 100 Euros fee or equivalent will be send to you.

After receiving all the required documents from you the Schengen Visa Appeal Letter will be sent to the authorities of the Schengen state member responsible for the denial or refusal within 8 days.

Minimum time expected for the response of the appeal by the Schengen state member is fourteen days after the lodging of the appeal. 

Please fill  in and submit the Appeal Application form bellow in case you want our Schengen visa appeal experts to write the appeal letter on your behalf.


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