What is Nigeria Portugal Partnership all about!

Win - Win partnership

Partnership Nigeria Portugal

First of all, the Nigeria Portugal Business Platform encourages partnership between Nigeria and Portugal by connecting businesses and individuals through a Business-to-business (B2B) approach.

Secondly, the Nigeria Portugal Business platform is an avenue of opportunities, connecting the business people from Nigeria and from Portugal through strong partnership between Nigeria and Portugal.

In addition to that, and taking advantage of the partnership avenue between Nigeria and Portugal, the Nigeria business people, therefore will trade in the Schengen market and the Portuguese business people as well will trade in the West Africa market.

We use our set of resources and contacts in both markets, Nigeria and Portugal to assist businesses in identifying and seizing business opportunities. Above all, the main goal of the platform is to create partnership amongst the two countries Nigeria and Portugal by:

  • Connecting Portuguese and Nigerian businesses
  • Support existing and New Portuguese Investment in Nigeria
  • Support existing and New Nigerian Investment in Portugal
  • Create access for Nigerian & Nigerian Businesses to Finance their Exports
  • Reducing Barriers to Trade and Investment
Nigeria Portugal Partnership

 E U and West Africa Partnership

West Africa is the EU’s largest trade partner in sub-Saharan Africa. The EU is the main export market for West African transformed products (fisheries, agribusiness, textiles, etc.).

West Africa’s exports to the EU focus mainly of fuels and food products. West Africa’s imports from the EU, consist of fuels, food products, machinery, chemicals and pharmaceutical products as well.

Moreover, EU – West Africa trade in services is expanding, covering notably transportation and logistics, travel, and business services. In conclusion, West Africa is the most important investment destination for the EU in Africa.

Portugal and Nigeria compete with China, India and other countries, but the costs of shipments are several times lower, and the delivery of products is much quicker because the distance between the two countries is shorter which leads to better profit in trading operations.

We are the ONLY private trade facilitation organization in Portugal and Nigeria affiliated with a wide network of Destination Marketing entities for the benefit of our clients.

In this paragraph you have some of the main services that Nigeria Portugal Business platform  provides to you as our partner.

  • Primarily, hold meetings, seminars, lectures and business missions with a view of strengthening the bilateral relations as well as the exchange of technology, culture and tourism between the two countries.
  • Accompany the decision-making process of the public power in matters that affect bilateral business dealings, with the aim of representing the legitimate interests of its members.
  • Promote and incentivize networks of contacts between its members, as well as keep them informed about trends in the business, investment and technology sectors.
  • To provide capital business information to the members of the Business network.
  • Intervene as mediator, in the cases of conflict providing juridical assistance via our legal advisers in Nigeria and Portugal.
  • As consequence of being a member of the Nigeria Portugal Business platform, privileged information will be made available to you, exclusively for the members.

Partnership Nigeria Portugal member’s benefits  

Win - Win partnership
win win Nigeria Portugal Partnership

Finally, being a member of Nigeria Portugal Business platform also entitles you to the following

  1. Advertize your business and your company on the platform by placing business opportunities,
  2. Possibility of our business team represent your company in Nigeria or in Portugal
  3. Privileged access to Nigeria Portugal Business platform commercial company information database
  4. Possibility of your company represents the platform as an agent of the business platform www.nigeriaportugalbusiness.com wherever you are,
  5. 25% discount in any Portuguese language training organized by the Business network
  6. Access to privileged information concerning business opportunity exclusively for members,
  7. Hand to hand follow up on setting up a company in Portugal,
  8. Hand to hand follow up on setting up a company in Nigeria,
  9. Follow up in the visa process in Nigeria and Portugal,
  10. 30% price reduction (discount) in translation of documents,
  11. 25% price reduction (discount) in language interpretation services,
  12. 25% price reduction (discount) in companies information request,
  13. Expertise follow up on how to register a trade mark in Nigeria,
  14. Expertise follow up on how to register a trade mark in Portugal,
  15. Follow up on how to register a NAFDAC  product in Nigeria,
  16. Juridical support in Portugal and Nigeria,
  17. Guided visit to a minimum of three business partners prospects in Portugal or in Nigeria,
  18. Follow up on the businesses partnerships.

Requirements to become a member of the business platform

  1. Business Person
  2. Owner of a registered company in Nigeria or in Portugal
  3. Reliable and Good bank account
  4. Evidence of previous transaction

Became a member of the business network by clicking on win-win

Win - Win partnership

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