How to Register Trademark in Portugal


Entrepreneurs in Portugal can protect their trademarks in Portugal by following a simple registration process with the Portuguese authorities. This step ensures the exclusive usage of a specific trademark (sign, symbol, character, etc.) and allows Portuguese companies to better promote their image.

In order to register a trademark in Portugal, applicants need to submit a special form and the trademark representation to the Institute of Industrial Property.  (One of our lawyers in Portugal can help you during the registration phase and can answer all of your questions concerning intellectual protection laws in the country).

Reasons To Register a Trademark in Portugal

Investors in Portugal have a number of advantages if they choose to register their trademark in the country:

  • exclusive nationwide usage: a certain trademark will be used in Portugal only by the individual/company that registered it; the owner can also take legal action against infringement;
  • owners can oppose the registration of similar marks;
  • the owner may have priority when claiming the registration of the same trademark in a number of other jurisdictions; one of our lawyers in Portugal can give you more information on trademark registration priority.

Foreign investors in Portugal also benefit from the fact that the country is a member of the EU, thus European Union Trademarks are protected here.

The Trademark Registration Process in Portugal

Simple or combined trademarks can be registered in Portugal. The latter includes a special category of trademarks that contain both word/character elements and figurative elements. If the applicant wishes to register this type of trademark, then its use is limited to that exact configuration of elements.

All types of companies in Portugal may file an application for trademark registration. The process is complete once the new trademark is published in the Industrial Property Bulleting. Trademark oppositions can be filed within two months of the publication date.

Trademarks that have not been used for a long period are more vulnerable to cancellation. The validity of a trademark registered in Portugal is ten years, after which it can be renewed. Renewal fees apply.
You can contact the intellectual property experts at our law firm in Portugal for more information and advice on trademark registration in the country.


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