You want to know how to become a Portuguese citizen

How does it work?

You can become a Portuguese citizen via Golden Visa program.

What is Golden visa program all about?

The Portuguese Golden Visa has proved to be the most popular residency program in Europe with investors attracted to its flexibility and benefits since it combines the investment and immigration areas granting to the applicants and to their direct family members a renewable residence permit in Portugal.

Advantages of the Portuguese Golden Visa Program

  • Access to a permanent Resident Permit for 5 years
  • Access to a permanent Resident Permit for your entire family
  • Access to Portuguese citizenship
  • Access to invest in any Schengen country

Who can become a Portuguese Citizen?

Every national citizen from the third countries, who opts for at least one of the investment activities according to Portuguese laws namely;

  • Acquisition of a property of a minimum of 500 thousand euros
  • Capital transfer of a minimum of 1 million Euros

Other Requirements

  • Absence of criminal acts
  • Not being interdicted from entering Portugal
  • Not being in the Schengen Information System
  • Not being in the Portuguese Integrated Information System by SEF for non admition purposes
  • Keep the investment modality for at least 5 years

How to become a Portuguese Citizen? We know how!

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Launched in 2012, the program has been actively promoted internationally by the Portuguese Government and had three amendments so far, always to introduce more flexibility and more options of investment.

An investment of €500,000 (or €350,000 reduced option) in real estate in Portugal will gain a residency permit for a family including dependent children. The golden visa can be renewed every two years providing the applicant spends two weeks in the country every two years.

There are eight options of investment, which values vary between the €200,000.00 to €1,000,000.00, although the investment of €500,000.00 in real estate is the most common option between investors.

With this program the investor and the direct family members will gain a residency visa for Portugal that allows living, study, working and benefiting from social, educational and health rights.

Permanent Residency and Citizenship

One of the most attractive options is the ability to apply for permanent residency after 5 years and citizenship after 6 years without the need to reside in Portugal. In fact, the applicant and their family need only visit for two weeks every two years in order to renew the Portuguese Golden Visa. In Portugal, citizenship can be granted without the applicant having resided in the country. However the investor having acquired residency through the golden visa programme will need to demonstrate ties to the country and pass a basic language test. Citizenship of Portugal and a second passport conveys the right to live, work and study anywhere in the European Union. The Portuguese residency card granted through the golden visa programme allows the holder to travel throughout the EU Schengen zone.

Key Facts

Investment of €500,000 (or €350,000 reduced option – see below)

  • Full family residency
  • Flexible. No requirement to reside
  • Permanent Residency from 5 years
  • Citizenship from 6 years
  • EU Schengen visa travel

Property Investment

The property market in Portugal like many southern European countries suffered with the credit crisis and prices in 2015 are typically 20% – 30% below their peak. However there is a clear turn in the market and property above the €500,000 investment visa limit is seeing huge demand particularly in the capital, Lisbon. Investors buying into the real estate market in Portugal for the Golden Visa now have excellent prospects for capital gain in the coming years. Advice is recommended for serious buyers as there are clear distinctions between typical vacation homes on the coast in Portugal and city properties such as Lisbon. In particular with regard to market demand for property types and on-going rental or lifestyle options for the investor. Enquire here. Investors may wish to check further details on the Portugal golden visa program or see our outline procedure for applications.

Reduced €350,000 Investment OptionIt is possible to obtain the golden visa through a reduced investment of €350,000 into real estate requiring renovation. This is a complex area with a number of pitfalls and we advise clients to contact us first for our specialist advice. Such projects need to be approved by SEF as qualifying for the reduced investment amount and it is critical to ensure the right project and legal advice is obtained before embarking on such investment. La Vida has experience of many applications and projects for the €350,000 reduced initiative. Please contact us for details on our real estate investments.

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